Caramel colour is available in 4 different types one of which is Ammonia caramel colour. This colour is fabricated from carbohydrate and heating them in controlled conditions in the presence of ammonium. They are positive charge ions as it does not contain sulfate. These caramels range from light brown to dark red brown. They are usually used in beer, sauces, soy sauce, malted food, etc. We are also the chief supplier and exporter of ammonia caramel colour available in a wide assortment of the packaging.

As a manufacturer of ammonia caramel colours, we have gained expertise in the domain of the natural colour producer. We have various types of equipments that are implanted with most recent innovations to make us the leading manufacturer of ammonia caramel colour.

Our quality specialists that decisively check the finished result oversee the structure of this caramel colour. The attributes of the hues are kept considering different focuses like pH, ionic charge, heat and light as well as consistency of a liquid.