The caramel colour of type IV is manufactured under controlled heat treatment in the presence of both sulfite and ammonia compounds. The final produced colour ranges from light brown to deep brown in colour. It contains negative ionic charge. They have excellent acid stability as well as they are stable in heat. Hence caramel food colour type IV E150d is used as the best alternative for use in soft drinks, sauces, pharmaceuticals, blended whiskey and general food items like bakery items.

Years of experience has enabled Mascot to gain the leading position as manufacturer of type IV E150d colours. The caramel colour is highly consumed in the market all over the world because of its quality and cost efficiency.

We have highly equipped labs and equipments that are sterilized to give safe colours. Our company consists of various departments like warehouse, quality check, packaging, quality control, manufacturing and marketing. The type IV E150d is available in two different states like single strength and double strength based on colour range and its strength. These caramel colours of type IV E150d are offered by us at the most economic price.