Coriander is a native of Mediterranean region, India, Morocco, the CIS countries; Hungary, Poland, Romania, Guatemala, Mexico and the USA are important countries where coriander is commercially grown.


In India, coriander is cultivated in particularly all the states and constitutes an important subsidiary crop in the black cotton soils of Deccan and South India (Andra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu) and the rich silt loam of North India. In Andra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, over 100000 acres are under coriander cultivation. Similarly, it is grown on a fairly large scale in Punjab and neighboring states.



Purity:98% & 99%
Extraneous matter:2% max & 1% max
Split Seeds:5% max
Damaged seeds other than insect damage:2% max
Moisture:8% max
Live infestation:Nil
Packing:- 25kg & 40kg