Red Chilli

Chilly is reported to be a native of South America and is widely distributed in all tropical and sub tropical countries including India.


It was first introduced in India by Portuguese towards the end of 15th Century. Now it is grown all over the world except in colder parts.

India is the largest producer of a variety of red chilies and red chilies powder. Countries including USA, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh are the major importers of various forms of chilies.

Kinds- Sannam S4 best 
- Teja Best 
- Byadige 
- Wrinkle 273 
- Wonder Hot 
- Tomato Chili 
- Mundu 
- Yellow Chili
Type- Whole Chili with Stem 
- Whole Chili without Stem 
- Grounded Chili Powder 
- Chili oleoresin 
- Chili meal
ColorBright Red
Lengthas per grade
Pods without stalk8% max
Moisture12.5% max
Foreign material2% max
Broken chilies7% max
Loose seeds2% max
Damaged and discolored pods6% to 8% max