Turmeric is widely used as a herbal medicine. It is also widely used as spice product too.


Turmeric Fingers offered by us, is available in pure forms, which is used in cooking and in medicines which acts as an antiseptic. We are capable of offering Turmeric Fingers in bulk quantities to meet the requirements of the clients.

Turmeric should be free from infestation, fungus & not be artificially colored with dyes & chemicals.


Unpolished Turmeric Fingers Nizamabad Quality


Damage due to moisture( Lokhandi) 
or Over boiling (Kadh)
2 % Max
Unboiled or Less boiled1% Max
Bulbs5 % Max


Basis Variety Erode Farmer Polished Turmeric Finger


Inferior quality Turmeric1.5 % Max
Length of the finger-
Broken/less than 15 mm3.00 % Max
Minimum 75 % Fingers3 CM & Above
Damage due to moisture( Lokhandi) 
or Over boiling (Kadh)
1.2 % Max
Unboiled or Less boiled0.3 % Max
Foreign Matter 
(Bhusa, Chaff Dirt, earth clods & stone)
0.75% Max
Bulbs3 % Max
Moisture12 % Max